For comprehensive and knowledgable advice on Bouzouki and related instruments and accessories, please give us a call.

We generally have a range of Bouzoukies in stock to suit beginners to intermediate players. We import our Bouzoukies from Greece and they are all set up, in store, in order to give you a quality instrument at a reasonable price.

Along with the Bouzoukies we also stock other string instruments such as the Jura, the Baglama, the odd Oud here and there, a mandolin or two and even a Banjo.

If it's accessories you're after, we've probably got it. Strings (sets & singles), tail-pieces, cases, pick-ups, bridges, etc are all imported from Greece and almost always in stock.

Our Bouzoukies may not be the cheapest around but we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the fact that they are not souvenirs to be hung on your wall, rather to be played and enjoyed.

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Bouzouki Sakis Matsikas Mod1 - A nice, handcrafted instrument for the beginner. Unlike other instruments of this price, our entry level ones are easy to play, with a great tone. Their top is made of solid spruce, the fingerboard wood is wenge and the shell has 16 douyes (ribs) of light walnut. A beautiful first instrument that will encourage the student to practice more and graduate to one of our more professional instruments. 



2014 1229 Sakis Bouzouki Mod1 2

2014 1229 Sakis Bouzouki Mod1 5 




Bouzouki Sakis matsikas Mod2 Kabana or Klara - Similar to the Bouzouki 1 above, only with black walnut body and 16 douyes. It looks and sounds great.



2014 0720 Sakis Bouzouki Mod2B 2 small

2014 0720 Sakis Bouzouki Mod2B 4 small 


Sakis Matsikas MODEL 2B Myrtos. AS MOD2 ABOVE BUT WITH TRUSS ROD $1045







BOUZOUKI Sakis matsikas Mod2A - Solid spruce top, walnut back, ebony fingerboard, truss rod. 20 douyes (ribs)

This is our intermediate model for the advanced student or performer. $1595 with case.


2014 0801 Mod2A 4 small

2014 0801 Mod2A 2 back small





Tzouras Sakis Matsikas Mod001 Tzouras Mod105. Eight string tzouras. Due to its smaller than the bouzouki size, it could be an ideal starting instrument for young beginners.




 8string Tzouras Sakis Matsikas Mod2A. Solid spruce top, Black walnut body, Ebony fingerboard, 16 Douyes.





Baglamas Sakis Matsikas Mod 1D 101 with douyes




BAGLAMAS Sakis Matsikas 201 Velani - This is a top quality instrument with solid spruce top, walnut back and ebony fingerboard. It's called skafos (vessel as opposed to skafto) and it has 10 douyes (ribs).




BAGLAMAS Sakis Matsikas MOD3AD 303 Asteri






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